SGM ES Victoria's Secret



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DOB: 2/3/2011 (Quad 3 does/1 buck)



Her dam, SGM R Chamber of Secrets' 3rd freshening udder producing a half gallon daily.

Her sire Little Tots Estate Ericson.
Photo courtesy of Teena Bagwell of Gypsy Moon.

Ericson's dam, GCH Little Tots Estate Acanthus 3*M's udder.
Photo courtesy of Rusty Repp of Little Tot's Estate.

Her sire Ericson's littermate sister Little Tots Estate Foxy Roxy's first freshening udder.
Photos courtesy of Paula at Hooah Farm.

Her sire Ericson's other littermate sister Little Tots Estate Eric's Acana 4*M.
Photos courtesy of Rusty Repp of Little Tot's Estate.

Victoria's Kidding History

DOB Does Bucks Sire Names
4-11-12 Quads ...  
--13 Quads ...  
Victoria's Secret is bred to Warrior Mtn. PR Traveller and is due April 14th, 2014.


Little Tots Estate EricSon

Courtesy of Teena Bagwell.
Caesar's Villa LV Eric *S

Courtesy of John & Judy Nelson or Rusty Repp?
Caesar's Villa Felicia's Levi *S ARMCH Caesar's Villa CBS Stetson ++*S
ARMCH Inavale Felicia *D
Caesar's Villa Pons Ebony 7*D Caesar's Villa CBS Poncho +S
Stonewall's Golden Cowgirl 6*D
GCH Little Tots Estate Acanthus 3*M

Courtesy of Paula of Hooah Hill Farm.
Woodhaven Farms Levi Legend Woodhaven Farms Leviathan
Woodhaven Farms Fetching
GCH/MCH/PGCH SM3Pines JurEn's Sugar Glider 2*M 3XBU Creek Road Envoy +S
ARMCH Gay-Mor Berry's Jurassic 2*D 1*M
SGM R Chamber of Secrets
Little Tot's Estate Meadow-Rue
CH/MCH/PGCH Little Tot's Estate Thalictrum +B CH/MCH/PGCH Little Tots Estate Tsuga +B
PGCH Brush Creek Mercy
Kaapio Acres SF Gomphrena GCH/MCH/PGCH SM3Pines JurEn's Swell Foop +B
Gay-Mor's Magic Noon Delight *D AR1688
Buttin'Heads Too Chamber Pot
Buttin'Heads Zip of Champagne *S Twin Creeks BW Zip Drive *S
ARMCH Buttin'Heads Bryedal Veil 2*D
ARMCH Buttin'Heads Too Bassonette 4*D Creek Road Hudson +S
AR Buttin'Heads Small Frye 3*D






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