SGM ELL Oracle


Oracle 4-29-17 drying off. She is not thrilled about being dried off either. LOL


F1 Mini-Mancha
DOB: 2/27/2016
(Triplet 1 doe/2 bucks)
(30.86 L/69.14 ND)
MDGA & TMGR Registered


    This lovely doe is Oracle. She is the daughter of the beautiful Opal and granddaughter of our other favorites Elise and Olympia. What a combination! Oracle has freshened with a gorgeous udder that has excellent buttery soft texture and very nice teat size! She's doing great on the milk stand and is a joy to milk! Oracle's production is in the mid to upper 3 pound range. She hasn't quite milked 4lbs as a first freshener but I know her production will increase in subsequent freshenings. She's doing really well as a yearling first freshener. She was leading the yearling milkers until Ruby freshened.

Oracle's first freshening udder on 3-24-17 at 3 weeks fresh and a 12 hour fill.
Oracle is producing nearly 4lbs a day and has excellent texture!

4-29-17 Oracle is being dried off.
I still don't have the milk machine in use and my carpal tunnel is making me dry does.

5-1-16 Oracle at 9 weeks old.

Oracle's dam, SGM PP Polished Opal's 4th freshening udder.

Her maternal granddam, SG SGM R Olympia VEVE89 and her 4th freshening udder.
Body photo courtesy of Wooly Dog Down.

Her sire's dam, SGM Mooshine Elise in 2017 with her 3rd freshening udder at 12 hours fill.

Cobble's Valley PIMP Neytiri as a 2nd freshener in 2013, 8 months in milk.
Body photo taken here, udder photo courtesy of Mariah Farm.

Oracle's Milk Record

Date/Description DIM Pounds Butterfat Protein Height
2017 Barn Records
Unofficial as of 5-1-17
First Freshening, started milking a few days into her lactation.
Drying off due to hand numbness starting 5-2-17.
51 165.6# - -  
I had planned to go on milk test in 2017, but with the stresses of kidding season, milking and bottle raising (when we didn't set-out to do that initially) and the new barn work having to be finished to get the herd moved into, testing just didn't happen. I need the milk machine in order to stay on test the length of time required too and currently I'm still hand milking. So the plan is to get the room done in the new barn for milking, get the milk machine up and running and the goats acclimated to it this year and then 2018 go on official milk test through both MDGA & TMGR. In the meantime, like in previous years, I keep detailed milk charts for each goat and I weigh milk each milking. I will continue to do that and record it on each doe's page and next year work towards official records and milk stars!


Oracle's Kidding History

DOB Does Bucks Sire Names
2-28-17 0 3 Full Circle SS Sandcastles (F2) SGM FCS Neo (F2)
SGM FCS Pickett (F2)
Wether - Lil' Squirt (F2)
Oracle is bred to SGM FCS Ezekiel and is due 3/11/18.
Doe kid retained.


SGM AVA Elise's Elliott

F2 (61.72/38.28) Gopher

Mariah's TAX Avatar
F1 (75L/25ND)

Mariah's RR Taxman
F1 Mini-Mancha 50/50
Slone's Blessing Rocky Raccoon
Purebred Nigerian Dwarf
Raven's Haven Lucy in the Sky
Purebred Lamancha
Cobble's Valley Pimp Neytiri
Purebred Lamancha
Deseret This Buck Pimpin Does
CH Cobble's Valley AH Lou Neala
SGM Mooshine Elise
F2 (48.44/51.56)
Earknot Acres AR Mooshine
F3 American (46.88/53.12)
Applecroft Rafiki
F3 (50/50)
Earknot Acres Mooshoo
F2 (43.75/56.25)
Appleberry Cove Elsie
F1 (50/50)
Dancing Goat Farms Tibet
Nigerian Dwarf
CH Listening-Eagle Lydia VEVV88

SGM PP Polished Opal
Purebred Nigerian Dwarf

Rosasharn UP Papillon +*B *S
Rosasharn CH Uproar ++*S VEE87 Rosasharn UR Honey Nut Cheerio *S
ARMCH Rosasharn's Uni 3*D 2*M EEEV90
2002 & 2003 Breed leader in Milk Production & Protein!
6-07 295 1290 7.5 97 3.7 48
SG Rosasharn's TL Mariposa 4*D 3*M EEE+88
2007 Top 10 #5 Butterfat, #5 Protein & #6 Milk Production! 2008 Top 10 #5 Butterfat, #8 Protein & #10 Milk Production!
4-02* 296 1200 6.8 81 4.4 53 99 20
5-01* 289 1450 7.2 105 4.4 64 101 20
ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L ++*S E ++B +AE82
SG ARMCH Rosasharn's Guadalupe Moteada 3*D 2*M VEEV90
6-10 305 650 7.4 48 4.5 29
SG SGM R Olympia VEVE89
Little Tot's Estate Meadow-Rue CH/MCH/PGCH Little Tot's Estate Thalictrum +B
Kaapio Acres SF Gomphrena
Better Blues HR Anna's Hera LaCaDos JD My He-Roe
CH Camanna WR Oceana




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