SGM AVA Elise's Elliott



4-5-16 Elliott as a yearling


F2 Mini-Mancha
DOB: 3/24/2015
(One of twin bucks)
(61.72 L/38.28 ND)
Gopher Ears
MDGA & TMGR Registered

Negative CAE & Johne's 2016


     Elliott is a really nice buck. His dam Elise has a beautiful well attached, easy to milk udder and he has given me a daughter and son so far that we're retaining to the herd. I need some new genetics in the herd so I'm offering all my mature bucks up for sale.


4-5-16 Elliott as a yearling.

Elliott's face 4-4-15 (left) and body shot on 3-31-15 at 1 week old (right).

Elliott's dam, Elise's 2nd freshening udder 4-2-16.

Elliott's dam, Elise's first freshening udder.

His maternal granddam, Appleberry Cove Elsie's udder in 2012.
Left photo courtesy of Appleberry Cove. Udder photos taken here in 2012.

His sire's dam, Cobble's Valley PIMP Neytiri as a 2nd freshener in 2013, 8 months in milk.
Body photo taken here, udder photo courtesy of Mariah Farm.

His paternal great granddam, CH Cobble's Valley AH Lou Neala and her udder.
Photos courtesy of Cobble's Valley.

His paternal great granddam, Raven's Haven Lucy in the Sky.
Photo courtesy of Mariah Farms.


Mariah's TAX Avatar
F1 (75L/25ND)

Mariah's RR Taxman
F1 Mini-Mancha 50/50

Photo courtesy of Mariah Farms.
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Courtesy of Appleberry Cove.
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