SGM PT Beautyberry 1*M



5-16-16 Sorry it's been too cool to clip yet and she will be dried off now.


Purebred Nigerian Dwarf
DOB: 2/4/2011
(One of Triplets 1 Doe/2 Bucks)
ADGA & AGS Registered

Negative CAE & Johne's 2016


     Beautyberry was born here in 2011 to Beauty out of triplets. I retained her, bred her and was going to freshen her as a yearling when instead, I sold out. I'm really glad to have Beautyberry (or BB as we often call her) back. Beautyberry was put on milk test while she was at Wooly Dog Down and earned her milk star. She has a really snuggly attached udder which is a really nice trait! I can't wait to milk her myself here.

5-16-16 Beautyberry's 4th freshening.

Beautyberry's 3rd freshening udder, the year she earned her milk star.
Photos courtesy of Wooly Dog Down.

Beautyberry as a yearling.
Courtesy of Five Points Farm.


Beautyberry's Kidding History

DOB Does Bucks Sire Names
4-23-12 1 1 Wooly Dog Down Beastly Blues SGM Duchess Camilla
4-2-13 0 1 Doe-Sy-Doe AP Sandstorm Single buck
7-23-14 1 1 Doe-Sy-Doe AP Sandstorm Wooly Dog Down Evening Beauty
Sandy Jr.
2-18-16 1 2 Zanzabeez Burnt to a Crisp SGM BC American Beauty


TX Twincreeks FAX Pico Truffle *S *B
Twin Creeks WB Shadowfax +*S EEE91

Courtesy of Twin Creeks Farm.
MCH Goodwood Weisbaden +*S E Gay-Mor's RA Kingwood ++*S
Goodwood Beyou Merry 4*D
GCH/MCH Little Rascals Black Dahlia 1*M 2*D E Flat Rocks Flash E
Piddlin Acres Miss Kitty *D E
GCH/MCH Gay-Mor's JJU Nonpareil 1*M 3*D EEEE92

Courtesy of Twin Creeks Farm.
Gay-Mor's Johnny Jump-Up +*S Goodwood Lingonberry +*S
ARMCH Goodwood Trillium *D
Gay-Mor Tut's Lorna Doone 2*D Heart's Delight Oreo's King Tut
Gay-Mor Berry's Fignewton *D
Gotta B Kid N Z Black Beauty
Rosasharn UP Zephyr *S *B VEEV88

Courtesy of Gotta B Kid N.
Roasharn HNC Uproar *S Rosasharn UR Honey Nut Cheerio *S
ARMCH Rosasharn Uni 3*D 2*M EEEV90
SG Rosasharn's TL Mariposa 4*D 3*M EEE+88
2007 Top 10 #5 Butterfat, #5 Protein & #6 Milk Production! 2008 Top 10 #5 Butterfat, #8 Protein & #10 Milk Production!
4-02* 296 1200 6.8 81 4.4 53 99 20
5-01* 289 1450 7.2 105 4.4 64 101 20
ARMCH Rosasharn Tiger L ++*S E ++B
ARMCH Rosasharn Guadalupe Monteada 3*D 3*M VEEV91
Gotta B Kid N Black Humor
No photos of Black Humor but here is her dam Moonstone Beach.

Courtesy of Gotta B Kid N.
NC PromisedLand SS Black Gold *S PromisedLand Seymore Spots +*S
GCH/ARMCH PromisedLand CP Lil Bo Peep 1*M EEEE92 *D E90
'06 & '07 ADGA Top Ten Milk
'06 & '07 AGA Top Ten Milk
'07 AGS Nat'l RGCH
Twin Creeks BW Moonstone Beach ARMCH Twin Creeks BH Bay Watch ++*S
Lost Valley Too Bad P.Y.T.



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